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About Us

About Us

Geller Properties is a family-owned company that started three generations ago in 1975. Its roots began in the construction industry, building and selling comfortable, single-family houses in nice, desirable communities. As it continued to build houses, Geller Properties became known for its quality product, and more and more families were requesting their houses.

Over time, Geller Properties began to see the growing need for more affordable housing. Geller Properties believed it could provide housing to more people, while still maintaining the quality the company had become known for, if it acquired multi-family housing units. Geller Properties purchased its first multi-housing complex and expanded into the property management industry.

Geller Properties combined its expertise in the construction industry with its newly acquired property management skills. Through the years, Geller purchased and renovated many multi-family housing complexes. Their goal to provide nice homes at affordable prices to more and more families began to be realized.

Geller Properties now owns and operates many beautiful multi-housing complexes in multiple states along the eastern seaboard. Geller Properties is proud to provide housing to hundreds of single people, families, veterans, and retirees. The knowledge and expertise it’s gained over the years is invaluable, and Geller Properties employees are fully trained and ready to assist you in whatever housing needs you have.

Geller Properties strives to provide you with a safe and beautiful community. They welcome you to look at their properties for your housing needs. With so many options available to you, you are sure to find one that you can call your community and your home.

Geller Properties is proud to provide housing to hundreds of single people, families, veterans and retirees.